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How to EASILY market your business even if you’re too busy running your business.

Learn how to Strategize your Marketing Plan so you can grow your business effectively with clients and prospects you ENJOY working with.

Hint: it is possible to grow your business with your current business!

Captivate Ideal Clients is part learn-it-yourself video modules and part "build-it-together" marketing plan.

Captivate Ideal Clients

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You love what you do and you are good at it...but you are not sure how to reach your ideal clients so they buy from you... and tell their friends!

And you're afraid you are missing revenue opportunities because your marketing funnel isn't flowing right - right?

You are in growth mode with your business. You have some clients and are ready to get the momentum going for more. The service you provide brings you joy because you know you are making your clients’ lives better and hey you are good at it! You want to help more people...and make money. BUT finding time to focus on marketing is not your thing. You need a clear strategy for finding, marketing to and connecting with your ideal clients for the next year. Even better, let’s have it broken down into timely actionable items.

You need:

  • Clarity on who you are working for
  • Focus on where to spend your marketing efforts
  • Confidence you can move forward
  • A network of support who honestly understand (being a solopreneur is lonely)

Guess what?! You can create a marketing strategy with tactics that will get results and not overwhelm your brain or your budget. You DON'T have to be on social media all day!

And it will drive business with your ideal client

You've held off having a clear strategy

“I don’t have time to plan my marketing out. I am too busy trying to run my business.. But I know I need a clear strategy. The thought of starting overwhelms me.

“I’m just getting my business started and I have so many ideas! There is no way I can do them all without burning myself- or my budget- out.”


“I have a lot of clients. Some take a lot of my time but don’t make me much money. Sadly they take a lot of my time but they keep calling...and I answer.”


YOu've tried...

Different marketing tactics

  • social media
  • built a website
  • watched hours of tutorials
  • listened to all the podcasts
  • purchased ads
  • DIY branding courses

And you still not seeing results you want!

Why Aren't they working?

Either your strategy (or lack thereof) does not FOCUS on your ideal client or you are trying marketing tactics that you do are not comfortable with.

Please know you are not for everyone so you don’t have to reach the masses…

(Can you feel the relief off your shoulders?) And you don't have to do what everyone else is doing.

Why are you putting off growth?!

It's time to focus!

Do you really want to spend another 6 months or more not having a defined growth strategy? That means more time chasing your tail and less time for money-making activities. Commit to focus today so you save time & money!

You can plan your marketing efforts to focus on your ideal clients and prospects so that your business grows through activities that fit your ambitions. don't have to waste time and money...

...and you don't have to do it alone!

You found a space to easily FOCUS and EXECUTE...

Growing your business impact & income is attainable without high stress or high costs.


Hi, I'm Sarah George.

I created Captivate Ideal Clients™ using the Client Connection Strategy™ because I have watched so many small business owners trying to be everything to anyone -and do it all themselves - just to close a sale. Even starting out my own business, I was tempted to be a jack of all trades. I realized I had to FOCUS on what I am best at and who I am best at working for.

I quickly saw the importance of strategizing.

And what it looks like when you are NOT strategizing:

  • Trying to be everything to everyone "jack-of-all-trades"
  • Throwing things at the wall to see what sticks
  • Giving up on things after a couple tries
  • Barely keeping your head above water to operate
  • Doing nothing because it's too overwhelming!

By not only creating a strategy but knowing who I am best at serving, I can target my messages and offerings to them. In growth mode we try to reach anyone and everyone to offer our products and services but...hello!? We already have a market to sell to at our fingertips - current clients and networks!

Solopreneurs run the business as me, myself, and I so it can be hard to see the forest through the trees when trying to focus on a marketing strategy.

Without a clear strategy you will keep saying yes to the wrong people and even waste time chasing them down.

All of that changes today!

Sarah George

Imagine what life will be like

when you stop second-guessing every step.

There is a way to quickly create

a clear, effective, creative

Marketing Strategy

with activities you like doing.


Client Connection Strategy™

The answer to captivating ideal clients lies in a simple THREE-PILLAR strategy:

It’s called the Client Connection Strategy™ and once you learn it, you’ll not only be able grow your business easily with people you like serving, you’ll be more effective at finding your ideal clients.

Get READY to G-R-O-W...

What’s Included.


Realize your FOCUS

Know the impact of why you are in business. Who do you serve?

When you discover and step into the real reason you are in the business you are in, you realize why your service is so important to your ideal client. You can then focus on the people who need your ‘superpower’ the most.


• Reflection on mentors, events, and values that make you who you are.

• Understand you are not meant to work with everyone and anyone.

• Find focus on your target audience.


Prioritize your PLAN

It’s time to drill deep and KNOW who helps grow your revenue most efficiently.

I love teaching the 80/20 rule. Where 80% of the outcome is generated by 20% of the input. We see it all over - any volunteer committee has 20% of the team completing 80% of the work. This applies to business too! 4/5 of your revenue likely comes (or will come) from 1/5 of your clients.


• Spend time discovering which clients should get your attention.

• Learn how you can generate higher revenue knowing who to focus on.

• Gain insights on tracking your sales and marketing pipeline.

• Understand how to develop a solid, non-pushy referral process.


Strategize & IMPLEMENT

Put it all together to create YOUR marketing strategy for YOUR ideal client.

The fun (or maybe not your favorite) part! You will be engaged with peers from various industries who just like you want to find and focus on ideal clients. In this stress-free creation zone you will create an actionable marketing strategy that incorporates all of the Client Connection Strategy™. Your marketing strategy will be one that you are able to and want to implement right away!


• Strategize marketing activities that work for both you and your clients.

• See your clear, focused plan in black & white so you can easily take action.

• Gain support and networking from peers - growth connections!


Make a successful marketing plan you want to execute

Consider the simple and yet proven effective Client Connection Strategy™ a process that gives you insight to your purpose, who your ideal client is, and creative marketing strategies that grow your business with techniques you actually enjoy implementing.

  • Discover your purpose behind your drive to be a business owner and gain clarity on your growth direction.
  • Save weeks (or months) of time spent not taking action and losing growth opportunity.
  • Gain insights on your clients and offering so you meet the right needs.
  • Get support and networking from peers in a stress-free learning zone.

Take this small step now to save a BIG pain later!


Stress-Free FOCUS

Planning CLARITY


SAVE Weeks (or months)

Control your CALENDAR


But seriously, focus is key.




You've wanted to have a plan for effectively growing your business, but you haven't had the time or focus to get it done. You need dedicated time, creative energy, and the right tools to MAKE. IT. HAPPEN. That is what you can expect from Captivate Ideal Clients™.


When you are a solopreneur, you only have yourself to report to. So if something doesn't get done or it slides to the backburner, only you know or care. Now you have a partner, heck a whole team, who are looking for you to ensure your own success. With Captivate Ideal Clients™ you get a marketing strategist and a group of peers cheering you on.

You are ready to stop chasing and start impacting. Why wait any longer?


Get these Bonuses.

How To Uncover Revenue-Generating Opportunities

When you are the most focused, it’s when you are operating in your superpower - the service or product you provide & love. You may not be seeing the other opportunities within reach. Learn how to seek vision for growth.

How To Find & Keep Momentum for Marketing

Sure you are amped up now, will your energy for focus continue 3 months from now?, Likely not, without a strategy. You will learn how to find and keep momentum for marketing activities that you can sustain long-term.

Private support network of solopreneurs who understand you.

As a solo business owner, it’s me, myself, and I running everything. That is a lonely place to be. Share struggles and strengths with other solopreneurs who get what you are going through. Get more clarity and follow-through in this private Facebook group.



Realize your FOCUS module (Value $197)

Prioritize your PLAN module(Value $197)

Strategize & IMPLEMENT module(Value $597)

Client Connection Strategy Workbook (Value $197)

How to Uncover Revenue-Generating Opportunities PDF (Value $47)

How to Find & Keep Momentum PDF (Value $47)

Solopreneur network group (Value $197)

1:1 -Pre-Coaching Consult Call (Value $297)

1:1 Consult 30-days post-program (Value $297)

Personal disclaimer - I am not a fan of arbitrarily providing a value to each element and then pricing much lower than the value. HOWEVER, I want you to know that you are getting VALUE. The program is priced at a competitive market rate; you will get the full value of each item. This is a good deal for what you receive!

Total Value = $2073

Regular Price = $998

Today’s Price = $99



I am so grateful I took this course. It was 'simple', straightforward and gave me great clarity and the support I needed to identify my ideal clients, articulate my niche', develop a marketing strategy and move forward with confidence. Sarah was insightful, organized, real and worked incredibly well with our group, providing the resources and support we needed. I would highly recommend this course to anyone! Thank you!!

Linda G.

Certified Life Coach



There are only 15 spots per month. Save your seat toward marketing clarity today.


100% of Captivate Ideal Clients™ participants reported receiving value added to their business after learning the Client Connection Strategy™.

So even though I can’t promise you that IDEAL clients will swarm your life immediately...I can promise you that you’ll have a clear strategy to put in place and with consistency your business will grow.

But, of course, if these strategies don’t help you focus on marketing your business to your IDEAL client and enable you to implement - I will issue you a refund up to 14 days post purchase!

Simply send me an email at and I’ll take care you!




Thought Captivate Ideal Clients™ was great. It was really nice when the conversations opened up and you got to hear what other people were doing, and their stance on things. I gained new angles on how to treat my clients well, and gain new.


Independent Realtor


“THe magic is in the action plan”

[Sarah] is so smart and qualified to be teaching this! That's where the magic is, the strategy and action plan. I liked that it helped focus on strategically marketing new business messaging. Thank you SO MUCH for the opportunity to participate in this and learn from you! You are amazing!


Empowerment Coach


Real Life Transformation.

See what Captivate Ideal Clients™ can do.


"I gained HUGE insight on my personal "why" and how to articulate that to my clients. Also, the emphasis on my own superpower and that my business is about the PEOPLE I serve helped me secure 3 additional proposals in one week!"

"Going forward I have a plan that will keep me on track to continue. It's not just a quick burst of momentum, I can keep this pace going."

The next course will fill up fast, don't loose your spot!



Realize your FOCUS module (Value $197)

Prioritize your PLAN module(Value $197)

Strategize & IMPLEMENT module(Value $597)

Client Connection Strategy Workbook (Value $197)

How to Uncover Revenue-Generating Opportunities PDF (Value $47)

How to Find & Keep Momentum PDF (Value $47)

Solopreneur network group (Value $197)

4-weeks Open Office Hours for Q&A (Value $297)

1:1 consult 30-days post-program (Value $297)

Total Value = $2073

Regular Price= $998

Today’s Price = $99


Frequently Asked Questions.

What type of business is Captivate Ideal Clients™ meant for?

A: The ideal business owner for Captivate Ideal Clients™ is someone who operates mostly on their own- maybe you have a small staff but when it comes to operations, it’s up to you. You are the face of your business and your services are the main source of income. Plus you are really good at what you do and want to make the biggest impact possible.

What if I get stuck?

This isn't just another course where you DIY. You will have access to me DIRECTLY before you begin the program and 30 days after! It's one thing to focus and plan a marketing strategy, it's another thing to implement one. I am committed to help you set yourself up for success. There will be questions, there will be victories you want to share. And I want to help answer those questions and celebrate your wins ;)

Why can't I just buy leads?

What works better than leads are referrals. Captivate Ideal Clients™ has a module built in that will help you create a referral system so you don't have to purchase leads that you end up chasing and wasting time on.

Why is there a waitlist for Captivate Ideal Clientsworkshop?

The biggest take-away you will have is a clear, focused marketing strategy. There will be actionable steps that you can take to reach and cultivate your ideal client. I want to be able to commit my time to help you do that. By having the course run on schedule you can brainstorm and create strategies with an expert marketer and peers in various industries.

You can expect strategies to connect deeper with your current clients and prospects which will grow your business!

Will this help me plan all of my marketing?

When you complete the Captivate Ideal Clients™ workshop you will have a complete marketing plan with activities laid out that you can accomplish. You will make a short-term marketing plan to connect deeper with your ideal clients and initiate a confident referral process that gets you connected with ideal prospects.

Do these strategies work for solopreneurs only?

The Client Connection Strategy™ is ideal for individual business owners that want to focus efforts on growing business effectively.

What is the time commitment?

Captivate Ideal Clients™ has 3 modules: recorded sessions that you can view at your leisure (each one is 15 minutes or less) There are accountability assignments with each of the recorded modules that shouldn't take you longer than 30 minutes - and that's if you put a lot of thought into them!

Over all look at investing 4-6 hours of your business time into this. I guarantee it will outweigh the 20+ hours you would spend spinning your wheels on your own.

How do I get the materials?

Once you register and pay you will receive an email with all of the instructions. Have no fear, everything will be delivered prior to kickoff.

When are the 1:1 calls?

I'll be available via Zoom prior to beginning the course for a one-on-one call as well as 30 days after the course while you Strategize & Implement. Any questions or hang-ups that come to you can be addressed personally. I've got your back! And you can collaborate with myself and peers from other industries in the Connective Community to develop your focused marketing strategy.

Look for the email to schedule your calls!

You will get a clear strategy for finding, marketing to and connecting with your ideal clients broken down into actions you can take. Register today and receive all the bonuses. With my guarantee, you won't regret it. Register quick!



Realize your FOCUS module (Value $197)

Prioritize your PLAN module(Value $197)

Strategize & IMPLEMENT module(Value $597)

Client Connection Strategy Workbook (Value $197)

How to Uncover Revenue-Generating Opportunities PDF (Value $47)

How to Find & Keep Momentum PDF (Value $47)

Solopreneur network group (Value $197)

4-weeks Open Office Hours for Q&A (Value $297)

1:1 consult 30-days post-program (Value $297)

Total Value = $2073

Regular Price=$998

Today’s Price = $99 - Connective Consulting, LLC - All Rights Reserved